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Thank you for choosing us for your allergy care. We offer comprehensive allergy, asthma, and pulmonary services for patients of all ages. Our practice has served the Phoenix community for over 14 years, and has been a progressive leader in the specialty care of allergic and respiratory disease.
You will find our staff warm and friendly and committed to providing the highest quality medical care for you and your family.

Brian Millhollon, MD

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From The AllergyWise Blog

Exercise Induced Bronchospasm: Asthma by Any Other Name

April 1, 2014

Recently, the American Thoracic Society published new clinical practice guidelines for exercise-induced asthma. This is an important subject, particularly for children and adults who are involved in sports or who exercise regularly (which should, of course, be everyone), and so I will review parts of the guidelines over the next few posts. One of the [...] Read more >>

New Treatment for Chronic Hives On The Way

March 12, 2014

Hives are never fun.  Intolerable itching, grotesque swelling, nasty red splotches and welts covering the body, hives can clearly make for a very bad day.   The only thing worse than a brief (acute) attack of hives is an unrelenting, daily outbreak lasting for months and even years.  Such is the case with patients with chronic [...] Read more >>

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